[Ent News] Kizz Daniel was paid $60 000 to perform in Tanzania but yet he didn’t show up!

Kizz Daniel was paid $60 000 to perform in Tanzania, about 45 Million Naira! The promoter spent about $300,000 to organize the show, yet he didn’t show up! He arrived Tanzania and said he can’t perform because the airline lost his luggage and he can’t perform without his gold that is inside his luggage.

I have been to Tanzania, even though it is an African Country, Nigerians are on their black list and you need a special visa to visit yet it is a tourist destination. Their government created that policy because Nigerians there gave the country a bad name.. I know someone that was deported last year for lack of that special visa with a particular document required at the airport.

It is pains me that Kizz who should be an ambassador and use music, an instrument of soft power to win some love over went there and caused a total disaster.

When you are outside Nigeria, you ought to show good example because your attitude will impact how other Nigerians coming after you will be perceived by the host.

People like him make it difficult for Nigerians abroad!

This is really a big sha*e! Talent without character, does it make sense?


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