62nd NBA: Atiku Abubakar Has The Solution

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How to stabilize naira rate?.

Mr Adebayo said that one of the ways of making the Naira stable is to refrain from having “a dual system where one person who has a friend in the Central bank can make $30 million dollars by buying at the official rate and selling to the hard-working people” at an increased rate.

He added that “importers and supermarket owners should not be making more money than manufacturers and farmers.”

On the other hand, Mr Obi of the LP said the “only way” to stabilise the naira is for the Nigerian economy to “move from consumption to production.”

He said Nigeria must be able to manufacture and export to earn dollars to stabilise the Naira.

However, Mr Shettima said that an “important tool of growing the economy”, is ”diversification of sources of our income.

“Ours is a great nation in chains. Chained by ineptitude, chained by corruption and chained by incapacity,” he said.

“This is why it is absolutely important to grow the economy.”

Mr Atiku said there were two ways to stabilise the economy.

He explained that the “multiple exchange rate,” must be “abolished.”

He added that the “convergence of official and unofficial rates” must be allowed.


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