The Toughest Job I Have Done Was Being APC Spokesman, You Cannot Do The Job Without Lying – Bolaji Abdullah

Bolaji Abdullahi has spoken the hard truth. The hardest job he had done in his entire life was being APC spokesman because you must lie.

APC was founded on lies and propaganda. If you are an APC member or supporter, you must be a natural liar.

Bolaji Abdullahi in recent interview with Arise TV said being the spokesman of APC was the hardest job he has ever done. According to him, you can’t do that job without lying to Nigerians.

According to Bolaji, APC came with lots of campaign promises that were impossible for them to actualize. He went on to say that as a result of the shortcomings of APC, it became impossible for a spokesman like himself not to lie to Nigerians each time he had to defend the party in public.

He went on to say that telling lies and doing things that goes contrary to ethics were part of his job as a spokesperson in APC.

Every thing APC does is rooted in lies and they promote lying to a ridiculous level to deceive gullible Nigerians.

One can then say that all APC *officials* and even *50%* of their supporters are natural born liars


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