[BREAKING NEWS] PMAN has approve and authorize a new exco members in Adamawa state to take in charge of the music Entertainment

The performing musicians Employers Association of Nigeria, Lagos state National headquarter, who are well known in the entire country of Nigeria as [PMAN] The organization has Appoint and authorize,duly empowered by a competent court of jurisdiction under the amiable Leadership of the president of [PMAN] Mr pretty okafor, hereby introduce and authorize the following person as PMAN Exco members of Adamawa state chapter for the next one year.

The following persons are.

1.ERIC MIVANYI KUSSIY [Eric excell [chairman]

2.Stacy halson as [v.chairman]

3.Shalluda philip chama [secretary]

4.Abdulsam shuaibu [Financial Secretary]

5.musa H David [pro]

6.Comrade moses,moses didacus [provost]

In the light above,the association of pman has entrust the leader of the above name of persons and has urge all and sundry to Cooperate with them as it concern music in Adamawa state
sign by the general Secretary Pman Lagos state headquarter
Boniface itodo [Aita bonny]


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